When To Stop Doing Seo

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A company hires an SEO specialist, who works on the designing and implementation of an SEO marketing campaign. Once he has executed and received results, the company might feel the need to stop it, since it has already delivered results. However, the main question is, should a company stop doing SEO? SEO is an ongoing process; it is a marketing cycle, that should not be stopped and must be continued.

Achievement Of Goals

When a company grows, their goals increase. If their website has achieved a good rank, then this doesnt mean that the company should stop with their Market Watch SEO Guys efforts. If they do stop, then their competitors are going to take advantage of the situation and grab the top ranking position from them.

If a website is new, it shouldnt put a pause button on SEO efforts, because starting can be very difficult, as there is a lot of content out there that a new website has to compete with. Competition never stops between websites and brands, and this is why companies shouldnt stop doing SEO.

Content & Links

If a company stops doing SEO, then where would the fresh content come from? Content is the key in SEO, and if a website doesnt post fresh content on a daily basis, or tackle questions and hot topics among customers, then they wont be able to drive traffic to a website. Moreover, stopping SEO would mean that the back links of a website would rot over time. In SEO, internal and external links are maintained; SEO experts make sure that no SEO link is broken, and when a user clicks on a link, then it is accessible by them.

Better Keywords

SEO experts carry out keyword research when they first start their SEO efforts. However, even if they have met their goal of keyword ranking, they should look for other high volume keywords that can be used to target a niche. Many settle with one or two word keywords and dont put any effort into finding long-tail keywords, or untapped keywords that relate to their products or services. Finding new keywords becomes vital when the traffic of a website becomes saturated, and a marketer wants to tap a new market, to revive the website.

SEO Techniques

When companies stop investing in SEO, then the techniques that they used on their websites, become outdated. Google changes its algorithms for SEO every now and then, the demand for content changes, and if a website stops implementing SEO, then they wont be able to meet any new challenges. For the health of a website, and for the promotion of a company, marketers should never give up the idea of SEO. SEO is here to stay, because the key element of SEO is content creation.

If companies stop producing content for their websites or blogs, then customers wouldnt be able to stay up to date about the latest happenings in a company, and would probably switch to a brand which keeps them more up to date about products.