What Are Three Most Important Things That Can Make Seo Better?

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SEO may seem very intimidating strategy but if you follow these 3 core elements you can get desired results.

1. On-Site Optimization

Google and other search engines completely scan your website to find out what it is actually about. Then it ranks your website in accordance with the information that you have provided for relevant search query. Hence it’s very important to pay attention to every single detail from content and structure to overall layout of your website during optimization process.

If we list down every single on-site optimization factor here, the list would be exhausting. Therefore we are only mentioning those factors that have considerable effect on your SEO optimize domain.

The title tag
The Meta description
Smoothness of site navigation
Internal and external linking
The website URL
Content (should be both relevant and unique)
Website loading speed (should be fast)

2. Ongoing high quality and relevant content

Let’s just say that you have scanned every single detail of your website and improved it to perfection but that doesn’t guarantee that your job is done. One of the important components of on site optimization is production of ongoing content. On going content refers to content that you keep on producing over the period of time so that your website does not become obsolete. Producing regular content won’t only benefit SEO but it also helps you in long run. The purpose of on going content is to generate your credibility among users. It shows your grip and command on the subject matter. If your content is updated and regular, it is mostly likely to be shared and talked about.

Now from SEO point of view, on-going content means more pages of your website. Each new article that you post on your website is indexed by Google. Hence more search queries will lead to your website resulting in increased traffic. In addition to that if you are regularly updating your content, Google will give a boost to your website.

However to avail all of these benefits, the content has to be updated, well written, informative and meaningful. A content that doesnt add any value for user will go unnoticed. Content writing is an art and it should be learned to make your SEO better.

3. Off-Site authority building

The last but equally important step to improve your SEO is to build Off-Site authority. Off-Site authority means that you have many inbound links directing to your website. If your content is of high quality, external sources will willingly direct users to your webpages. It will improve you ranking significantly. However you should lookout for scam links because they will give cause you a penalty instead of any benefit.


If you follow these 3 basic guidelines, your SEO campaign would be successful. But the key to maintain success and excellence is to produce supreme quality content. Good quality content is unbeatable by any algorithm, technique or expensive campaign. Focus on above mentioned guidelines along with quality content and reap the long lasting benefits.