Top 5 Black Hat Seo Techniques To Avoid

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Black Hat SEO techniques are those, that are not aligned with the search engine guidelines, set by Google, Bing or Yahoo HubSpot. They are used for the purpose of increasing ranking in search engine results, but they ignore user intent and use a cheating system to gain visibility. SEO marketers might use Black Hat SEO techniques, if they are not aware of what they are.

Low Quality Content

This is the most commonly used White Hat SEO technique Marketing in Boston. Websites hire writers to write several articles, filled with keywords; these articles dont serve any valuable purpose for the user, but as they have relevant keywords, they still appear at the top of search engine results.

The reason why these low quality articles are produced, is because they are made particularly for search engines and not for the user. This not only breaches the guidelines of search engines, but also impacts the reputation of a brand.

Duplicating Content

In order to get the attention of search engines, some websites publish the same content on different webpages. Duplicate content uses excessive keywords, and even a user visits these webpages, it doesnt send a positive signal to them about these webpages Unamo.

In order to avoid this black hat technique, a marketer should use the duplicate content checker tool, so that if some webpages are the same, then they can be deleted.

Cloaking The Content

This is a widely used black hat SEO technique, and it is for the purpose of fooling the search engine Educba. While the content shown to the search engines may be relevant, the content shown to the user is different and can be filled with irrelevant content and keywords.

When a user clicks on the first link that appears in search engine results, he does so thinking that the webpage will offer them some valuable information. However, when they do reach the website, they find nothing but ads for products and services, that they didnt know would be there.

Misleading External Links

There are websites which offer users more content by posting external links, but instead of taking them to a relevant page, the website takes them to an irrelevant page, filled with spam. At times, these external links are bought by other websites, so that the host websites links the user to their webpages, because they wont visit the site on their own.

Spinning Articles

When websites write good quality articles, they often use those articles in article spinning websites. This article spinning software allows marketers to write articles, by only making a few changes. As Google looks for websites that make frequent updates, and such websites also catch their attention. This black hat SEO technique reduces the quality of articles, as they are not produced targeting user intent.

It is better to choose White Hat SEO techniques and avoid Black Hat SEO techniques.