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Many years ago, the internet we are so used to did not exist and therefore things like marketing used to be done only offline. It was either manually or no other way, however thanks to the fast-paced technological world things become easier and now these days everyone is running to do online business marketing. However, it should be noted that same as the earlier years, the offline business marketing is still important and still a workable choice of marketing.  Given that everything is done online these days all the marketing that is not done online are all considered offline marketing. The main strategy of offline marketing is to use offline media channels to create awareness of products and services.

Marketing has seen a paradigm shift with the rise of all things online and mobile. Creating a business Facebook page, tweeting about industry news, sending sale push notifications to customers… the channels we use to talk to leads and customers are evolving every day. While these platforms are remarkably effective—hey, we wouldn’t be in business if they weren’t!—most successful businesses practice a combination of online and offline marketing strategies to generate leads and boost sales.

Sidewalk ads, branded giveaways (like pens or shirts), and local donations are all examples of offline guerrilla marketing. These simple actions are easy ways to spread the business name in subtle but effective ways. Below we pay tribute to the old-school marketing strategies that still do the job today.

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The rise of the online market has on a larger scale led to the death of most offline marketing methods. Many companies and individuals in business tend to forget about the offline marketing methods whenever they are planning product and services campaigns. It is no doubt that online marketing in the today’s interconnected world but it should be noted that offline marketing provides better engagements with customers and has its own distinct value to the business.

Most of us believe that these days, digital marketing is the only way to get results. While this may be true for a specific target market, some of the best marketing ideas happen offline. The best marketing strategies are those that combine both online and offline ideas seamlessly, in one complete package.

If you haven’t been putting much effort into your offline marketing tactics, then it’s time that you give your start-up a boost with the following tips. Inspiration has always been within your reach, you just need to know where to look.


With social media ringing on everyone’s mind these days everyone wants to do online marketing. The growth of social media and the search engine marketing on Twitter, Facebook and google has become the biggest topic. However offline marketing still has its advantages.

Reaching audience

It is important to bear in mind that not the entire earth’s population is online. Only around 80% of the population in developed countries has access to the internet. The number is even lower in the still developing countries whereby only about 30% of the people have access to the internet. The younger generation are more internet savvy however if you are targeting the older general you would lose out trying to market your products online.

While the growth of Internet access is clearly visible, we still have a considerable percentage of population who cannot be reached through online marketing. Out of the whole lot of people who are aware of Twitter, only a handful of population actually engages into Tweeting on a regular basis. Such facts creates a need of going for such Brand communication agencies which not only covers the aspects of Online marketing but also knows how to grab opportunities to reach out through offline media channels.

Even though the digital ads have surrounded us closely, brochures are considered as an effective means of communicating about a product or service to its target audience. CreativeBrochure Designing Company can help you highlight your product and hence boost your revenue.

A good Brochure Designing Company can help you communicate affectively and clearly about the benefits of your products or services. So, not denying the fact that print media has a lot of credibility in people’s mind, choosing a brand agency should always involve the need of online as well as offline mode of promotion activities, so that you do not miss out on any share of the population while putting your best foot forward.

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