How To Use Seo For Ecommerce: An Important Guide

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It is not easy to start an eCommerce business, because it is a very competitive industry. The key to increasing sales online is to grab the attention of customers and keep them interested, reach out to the target audience and keep them aware about whats happening with a brand. Using SEO for eCommerce would increase visibility of a brand, and they would be able to reach customers in a way, that would give them a competitive edge over their competitors.

Keyword Research

Keywords are important for SEO success, because they are used in content, page titles, meta descriptions and image descriptions. If an Boston SEO expert doesnt carry out a thorough research of which keywords they should use, then the keywords that they would use wont receive any ranking, or it will not attract any traffic to a website.

In eCommerce, if a website doesnt attract any traffic, then that means no customers or sales generation for the company. eCommerce websites can use Amazon for keyword research, by putting in the seed keyword in the Amazon search engine, and then looking at what recommendations come in the drop box menu.

Site Structure

The way an eCommerce website is structured, would impact how long a customer stays on it.An eCommerce website should have easy navigation, category pages and proper product pages. The navigation should be simple, and no page should take more than three clicks to get through. A bad site structure would be one that takes four clicks, to just reach a category page. A good site structure would be one, where the user goes to the home page, and through the home page is able to visit the main category pages easily.

For example, if it is a website that sells garments, then the home page would have three options for users; men, women and children. The user would be able to reach these category pages easily, depending on their interest.

Keyword Strategy

Keywords are important and every SEO expert knows that he should have a keyword strategy. Keywords should be present in page titles, headers, sub headers, content, product descriptions and titles, image file names and ALT tags and URLs. The Meta descriptions should not sound like gibberish, which means containing keywords so many times, that it doesnt explain a product or service properly.

Product descriptions can be posted in Meta descriptions as well, but they would be short and informative. When product descriptions appear in search engine results, then they should be enough to describe a product and attract the target audience.

Mobile And App Version

eCommerce websites are usually opened on mobile phones, which is why they should be developed in a way, that they are mobile friendly. The user should be able to see all the content that they can see on the desktop website, the images and videos should load properly, and the pages speed shouldnt be slow either.

When a brand develops an app, then it should link the app to the main website of the brand. The app should use proper categories, sub categories and keywords, so that the users dont get confused and can acquire the information that they want. The app and the website should be appealing, making it fun for users to browse and make use of.

Blog For eCommerce

An SEO expert would post descriptions with the products on the website, but the information in those descriptions is not enough. SEO experts should also create blogs, which contain more details about the products. They can also include reviews of customers about certain products, like how to use specific products and their experience while using it. This would give visitors a clear idea about which products they should buy and the ones that would be the most helpful for them.

Fixing Errors And Addressing Queries

SEO experts should always fix the errors that they find on the website, like broken links, incomplete descriptions or pages that give errors to the customers. If customers have a query or a complaint, then it should be addressed through the website. There should be a chat box, where a customer can contact the brands representative, and there should be a separate contact us option, where customers can talk about product replacement or return. The easier a webmaster makes it for customers to find products, know about them and buy them, the more customers would want to return to the website.