Change This One Thing About How You Purchase Cleaning Supplies & Save Big

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You may think that a small business does not really use its cleaning supplies all than often but, even if that is the case, it still is an unavoidable expense. All businesses need to keep their premises clean and tidy and in order to do this, they need to purchase some sort of arsenal of cleaning supplies at some point. Whichever way you look at it, cleaning supplies are an absolute necessity, whether we like it or not.

The first thing that one can do to save money on their cleaning tools and products to first have a discussion with the person or company that does the cleaning for them. If you are using a commercial company to get your cleaning done for you then the quickest way to save involves actually having a walk around with the company and go over all the areas that need cleaning and agree where chemicals and labor could potentially be saved in some less problematic areas. Once such a discussion has taken place, the cleaning company will be able to adequately provide a discount in accordance with the amount of labor and chemicals that have been agreed on to drop.

Another biggie to try when looking to save on cleaning supplies is to take a close look at what tools are being used. On many occasions, you can save so much money by not buying the expensive brand tools and go for the generic cheaper ones. A lot of the time when you compare quality, the branded ones and the cheaper ones are very similar. One can also discuss buying in bulk. This always saves some money.

Lastly, the biggest saving that can occur in a business due to cutting costs involved with cleaning has to do with mopping the floor. Mops and their huge buckets on wheels cost the earth. They also use tons of water and chemicals. Not to mention the injuries that they cause to your workers. By simply changing the way you mop, you will cause a cascade of positive things to occur. By switching to a microfiber mop, you will be cutting out water use, (they only need a fraction of the water normally used), you are cutting out chemicals as microfiber mops dont need any, you dont need to purchase buckets on wheels and lastly, you will not have to pay any compensation due to injuries caused from mopping.

Do the math and see how much that all adds up to by simply changing that one small thing!