Advantages Of Cctv Drainage Surveys

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Blocked drains can be messy and may cause your home to produce some odour.

The adoption of modern technology has enabled professional plumbers to employ the CCTV drain survey method to inspect and detect problems in the drain. Some of the technology gadgets and processes that have streamlined the survey process include HD digital cameras, 360-degree visuals, live video analysis, and remote-controlled crawler units.

Today, CCTV drain surveys have become one the fastest and most reliable ways of assessing the condition of sewers and drains.

It is often difficult to keep sewers and drains in optimal working conditions because they are hidden. It is also difficult to identify potential issues before they occur until they have become more complicated. However, with advanced CCTV technology, drain surveys have become increasingly easier to carry out. Drain cleaning services in London, Kent and Essex, and other parts of the UK use the latest technology camera equipment to examine the inside of sewers and drains. They also use remote-controlled camera units to assess the drains and ensure they are in top condition.

Professional plumbers no longer need to dig up large trenches or get inside large pipes to assess the condition of these drains. Remote-controlled camera units are also used to carry out a comprehensive assessment of drain conditions and, with the help of a CCTV survey, plumbers get peace of mind knowing they can perform their duties with minimum disruption and still get the best results.

Why use CCTV drain surveys?

The process employs the latest and fastest technology to perform drain inspections. So, this is by far the most cost-effective and reliable way of inspecting and clearing drains. The process produces high-quality images to help identify potential and existing problems more easily before deciding on the best action plan to help clear the drain.

Spotting potential problems or minor issues before they become bigger can save homeowners a lot of money in repairs. For instance, identifying minor problems like hairline cracks can help to repair minor water leakages that eventually undermine the integrity of the pipes. Cockroaches, rats, and other pests can infest the pipes and pose a serious risk to health. However, with CCTV drainage surveys, such problems can be identified quickly and resolved more effectively without major disruptions. Therefore, these pipes can be restored to their good working order.

Some of the problems commonly identified through CCTV drainage surveys include drain blockage, tree root infestation, damaged pipes, collapsed sewer, and poorly connected pipes. Drain blockage is a common problem in drainage systems and most homeowners have experienced at least a single incidence. Tree roots also invade the drainage system through gaps and cracks and continue to grow, resulting in blockages and causing more damage to the pipes.

Therefore, CCTV drainage surveys are a fast and accurate way of diagnosing drainage systems and identifying potential or existing problems that are generally hard to spot. The process is also cost-effective and does not involve digging the ground up or entering large pipes to identify problems.