Why You Should Carry Out Drainage Surveys

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Sometimes the water fails to drain the way its supposed to, especially if you have bought a new home and did not properly examine the drainage system before closing the deal.

If you are buying a new home, you should ensure that you hire a home inspector or plumber to ensure there are no problems with the drainage system before you can make up your mind whether or not the home is worth your investment.

Sometimes, the drainage pipes can present serious challenges for new homeowners. However, with a drainage survey, new homeowners cannot go wrong.

Drainage survey is synonymous with drainage inspection, which is commonly associated with pipe inspections in homes to determine whether there are problems with drainage pipes.

If you are planning on buying a home, you should probably carry out a drainage survey before making that daunting decision. Finding out that there are problems with drainage pipe after making your purchase decision can be quite disappointing. You should know beforehand whether the homes pipes have a problem before you decide to settle. Drainage surveys have become so popular because of their ability to save you money if there seems to be a problem with the pipes. Plumbing experts can help you determine why the water is not passing through the drainage as it should.

Benefits of a Drainage Survey

Many new homeowners are often advised to carry out drainage surveys because they are capable of detecting several of problems, including invading tree roots that could partially or completely block the drain and debris that may have accumulated in stormwater pipe or sewerage, potentially causing partial or complete drainage.

This type of survey has also been credited for its ability to search for physical damage that could occur in drainage pipes, including cracking and separation, which could occur in either stormwater or sewerage pipes, potentially resulting in localised flooding.

The Use of CCTV Cameras

CCTV cameras are used to carry out drainage surveys and experts push them down the drainage system to get pictures that accurately present the status of the system.

The pictures are then transmitted to the home inspector, who keeps an accurate record of them. With the use of a locator and a camera, the inspection team can record where there are anomalies or problems and keep accurate records of the same. This information is then sent to a specialist who analyses it and makes recommendations based on findings. The specialist may make recommendations for repairs or replacements to help correct the identified anomalies.

However, drainage surveys should be performed by experts or professionals, including a professional plumber and a drain specialist because they are highly qualified and have been extensively trained to use high-tech equipment necessary to carry out the survey to easily and accurately identify and interpret any anomalies.

Drainage surveys have proven to be useful where new homeowners want to ascertain whether the drain is working properly. It is also important for existing homeowners to carry out regular maintenance of their drainage and sewerage systems to ensure they are working in the best way possible.