The Mistakes Every Beginner Web Designer Makes

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You can expect to make a few mistakes in your first few forays into website design. You’re not sure how to set up the interaction for this feature, you run into a javascript problem whose existence is a mystery to you and the grids just won’t align.

That happens. Its a rite of passage. To more quickly help you get into the rhythm of website design, weve compiled a list of mistakes that are commonly committed by beginners of the trade. These are the kinds of problems that make those that learned the hard way wonder how it is that they were bothered by it in the first place.

In other words, they’re avoidable. So, with any more delay, here are some common beginner website design mistakes:

Terrible Font Selection

For every good font out there, there are multiple bad ones. Ones that simply can’t be read without straining the eyes. Use plain fonts that are easy to read and professional. You can go to sites like Font Squirrel to view and select good fonts for your website.

No Understanding of Colors and Contrast

Like with font selection, some beginners tend to go overboard with the color scheme selection. You want to pick something that is easy on the eyes and makes for clear contrast. You can look up good color combinations on the internet.

Too Much Text

Generally, if you can say it in fewer words, the better it is. Using less text not only keeps the screen clean and opens up space for other purposes, but it also lets the visuals do the talking. In a world where people have less and less time to read, its important to communicate as much as possible in as few words as possible.

Complex Navigation

How should all the screens be linked? Can the website be compressed in any way? Can the website be made any easier to use? In the beginning, navigation is among the hardest thing to get right. Focus on designing pages for a specific purpose and be clear on what you have in mind and what youre doing. Have an early vision of how the website works.

Its useful to learn who have tried before the difficulties of any activity, and website design is no different. If you can keep these points in mind, youll save yourself a lot of effort in your attempts to design websites.