7 Actionable Seo Strategies That Will Work In 2019

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Search engine optimization has become one of the most sought after practices in today’s day and age. But it has to be done in the right way to get desired results. An effective SEO strategy plan will push you in the right direction.

Before formulating SEO strategy, it is pre-requisite to find out ways to improve your website. For that it is important to examine all the elements of website – Bill Lentis. You should know you website inside and out. Find out what is working and what is not working. This preliminary work will help you in detecting the main issues. It will help you in forming strategies in accordance with requirements of the website.

Let’s discuss 7 actionable SEO strategies that will help you to earn a top spot in Google ranking.

1. Attractive titles and descriptions

What is the first thing that visitors notice when they visit a page? Yes! The title of the page. Undoubtedly title is the first and most noticeable thing. Therefore it should be meaningful and should convey what whole page is all about. Title of the page has a great significance on the SEO results.

To optimize title and descriptions invest your time in doing keyword and phrase research. Include keywords and phrases in your title and meta descriptions. However do not over stuff your title with keywords to an extent that it appears unnatural. Title should not be too long and should be contained within 60 words.

2. Create evergreen content

If you want your website to remain ever green then create ever green content. Ever green content means that it remains worthy over period of time and it doesn’t lose its value with the passage of time. For instance compare two articles: Importance of SEO versus SEO latest techniques. Clearly article one is evergreen since it’s not time dependent however article two is completely dependent on time and it will become obsolete as the time goes by. The articles that are dependent on time or trend live very short life. In contrast to that evergreen content will keep on adding value to users and it will help your website secure a good position in SERP. Ultimately it will result in more leads, sales and profits.

3. Create mobile friendly websites

A mobile friendly website will draw a lot of traffic to it. Nowadays people heavily use mobile and tablets for Internet searches hence it’s highly important for your website to be mobile friendly. The importance of mobile is undeniable when it comes to SEO.

To make your website mobile friendly, it is important to keep fonts large and readable. In addition to that use high quality images on website to make sure quality isn’t sacrificed when viewed from mobiles. If website is mobile friendly users wont have to worry about having a computer to access it. They will be able to use it from anywhere hence it significantly enhances chances of increased traffic.

4. Use voice search option

In this day and age of technology, people are heavily relying on voice searches. People do not have time to type what they are looking for instead they save time by using their voice instead. Hence it’s very important to pay attention to voice search optimization. In that way you will be able to target those audiences that are using voice search option. As in SEO keywords are used to draw traffic to website. In a similar manner conversational keywords are used to optimize voice search.

For voice search SEO, make sure that the content on your website is simple and easily understandable. For voice search SEO long content is highly desirable. The loading time of website should be fast.

5. Create lengthy content to create more value for users

Length of content plays an important role in ranking of your website. The research has shown that the content that contains between 1500-2000 words results in better ranking than the content with less than 1500 words. When content is lengthy you can cover more topics and provide in-depth information. Therefore lengthy content creates more value for the users. The content, which is valuable for users, becomes valuable for Google click.

When your content is lengthy, it will contain multiple keywords hence it will appear more often in web searches. The more often it appears the higher will be visibility. More visibility means more traffic resulting in more sales.

6. Create an amazing user experience

When it comes to SEO, you cannot simply ignore user experience. If you are optimizing your website for Google, it will increase your sales but if you are focused on user experience, it will increase your overall ranking. For an amazing user experience keep the navigation of your website simple and easy. Complex navigations frustrates user and they end up abandoning the website. Similarly the websites that take forever to load drives user crazy. The loading speed of a website should be fast. In addition to that a website should be visually appealing. The graphics and images should be of high quality. A good user experience motivates users to make a purchase.

7. Satisfy the search intent

Knowing the search intent of users and then designing your page in a way to satisfy that intent is very important from SEO point of view. Search intent can be anything from getting answer to a question, a simple product query to any kind of information. Provide all the information that a user is looking for. Google will rank the page higher that satisfies user search intent the best.

Using these strategies will reap long lasting effective results.


The effectiveness of SEO depends upon what set of strategies you are using to keep website alive. Changing times requires change in strategies. Hence, it is very important to keep oneself updated and keep modifying strategies according to current market needs. In other way, you need to keep figuring out new SEO strategies in order to stay relevant.