The Whereabouts Of Seo

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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Before going to the concept of SEO one must know what is Search Engine? Search engine is a software program which main function is to find information for its users. When a user types any queries in the search box of any search engine, it searches all the documents and information related to that query and produce to the user as a Result in the Search Engine Result Page. These results may be in word form, in image form or in audio or video form. Sometime these results may refer some other links too. Some popular search engines are Google, Bing, MSN, Yahoo etc. And SEO is a process to increase the visibility of any website by making it more appealing in the eyes of internet user.

Some strategies of SEO:

SEO is done by following some tactics and techniques. With the increasing number of internet user, SEO has become very popular tool to increase the visibility of any website. However, the whole process of SEO revolves round a thing, called Keyword. Keyword may be a single word, a phrase or a sentence. It is actually the question or query, which a visitor or searcher types in the search box of any search engine. Depending on the keyword, SEO takes place and accordingly, a searcher gets the result. Some strategies of SEO are:

1. First, one must find out all the words or sentences a person can use to describe your company. Once you find these words, then you can work on those words by taking them with much importance. You must find out all the answers of all the questions that might be asked by a searcher. And those answers should be captivating, reliable and relevant, so that searcher can trust your website after going through it.
2. One may give links but links should be authentic and reliable.

How SEO is helpful in internet marketing?

Now a day SEO is very much helpful in doing internet marketing. It helps in increasing the visibility of your website by producing your website as unique, relevant and trustworthy. Thus today, it has become one of the most important marketing tools like other online marketing tools including mobile marketing. However every search engine has its own tactics and rules. So whenever a searcher types the same query in different search engine, he may get different results on the SERP of different search engine. And this is how Search engines are different from each other. Some are popular and some are not.